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The Special Olympic program is facilitated by Landis Warner. Skaters with special needs are taught to skate in a fun and supportive environment with dedicated volunteers who love to skate.

2017 BC Coast Region Championships/WinterSkate in Delta, February 2017


Alex Pang : Men's Level 4 - GOLD
Sheryl Spurr : Women's Level 3 - SILVER
Eric Pahimak : Men's Level 2 - GOLD
Jeff Leung : Men's Level 2 - SILVER
Tin-Yee Ho : Women's Level 1 - SILVER

Special Olympics Provincial Games in Kamloops, February 2015


Jeff Leung : Men's Level 1 - 2nd Place
Eric Pahima : Men's Level 2 - 1st Place
Sheryl Spurr : Ladies Level 3 - 5th Place
Tamika Broere : Ladies Level 4 - 1st Place
: Pairs Level 3 - 1st Place
Alex Pang : Men's Level 4 - 1st Place
: Intro to Dance - 1st Place

Alex Pang & Tamika Broere have been named to Team BC travelling to Cornerbrook, Newfoundland in February 2016. Landis Warner will be going as Provincial Head Coach along a team of 3 other coaches & 8 athletes.

Immediately after Provincial Games, coach Jess Chapelski & skater Eric Pahima joined Team BC at Canada Winter Games in Prince George. It was a wonderful experience for both of them, with Eric bringing home another medal. Silver this time.

The Special Olympics Program is always in need of on ice volunteers. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact Landis:


Landis Warner


Jessica Chapelski Souza

Our Special O program runs annually from September 1st to Mar 31st.


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