Sunset Skating Club is a not-for-profit, volunteer run organization. As a parent, you hold special membership for the underage active members of the Sunset Skating Club, and your participation is vital to ensuring that the skating program is successful and registration fees are kept reasonable.

Families of Junior Development skaters are asked to contribute ONE HOUR of volunteer time during the skating year (September 2018 to August 2019).

Families of Junior Star/Junior, Intermediate, and Senior skaters are asked to contribute a minimum of THIRTY FIVE HOURS PER FAMILY of volunteer time during each skating year (September 2018 to August 2019) OR a cash donation in the amount of $100 per family for Junior Skaters, and $200 per family for Intermediate, & Senior Skaters. NOTE: Skaters' volunteer time (i.e. PA, participation in the Skate-a-Thon or ice show, etc.) cannot be applied towards the volunteer time requirement.

Upon registration, parents are required to submit:
  • a completed Volunteer Bond Form
  • a cheque (post-dated for August 31, 2019), for the amount of the cash donation (to be cashed only if the required volunteer hours are not completed by August 31, 2019. If the required hours are met by your family, your un-cashed cheque will be returned to you on August 31, 2019.

OPPORTUNITIES FOR VOLUNTEERING (include, but are not limited to, the following)

  • managing the music box
  • organizing potlucks at Simulation, Test, and other Club events
  • planning and organizing fundraising and skating events (i.e. Halloween Costume Contest, Canskate's Bring a Friend Day, Skate-a-Thon, etc.)
  • Organizing PA schedules, substitutes, etc.
  • setting up and taking down equipment before and after Canskate
  • joining the Sunset Skating Club's Annual Skating Show Committee
  • collecting fees during Simulations and Tests
  • cleaning up the Sunset Skating Club's office
  • making contributions to the Sunset Skating Club's newsletter
  • assisting the coach(es) and/or Board members with paperwork and administrative duties
  • spontaneous gestures of support

It is the responsibility of each family to identify opportunities for volunteering on the Sunset Skating Club's website and the office Bulletin Board.


The volunteer bond/cash contribution will be pro-rated for skaters who register for Junior Star, Junior, Intermediate, and/or Senior programs mid-year.