Sunset Skating Club Skaters' Code of Conduct

This is a code of conduct for skaters to abide by at all Sunset SC sessions. The code of conduct is to be observed for safety and to ensure that everyone can make effective use of their ice time. Please read and print, keep the upper portion for reference sign and return the bottom of this form to the Sunset Registrar.

  1. All skaters are expected to treat others with respect.
  2. Parents and other skaters are requested not to interrupt coaches while lessons are in progress.
  3. The" right of way" goes first to the skater in a harness then to the soloist then to the skaters in a lesson. Note that there are usually multiple lessons at the same time. Other skaters must avoid undue interference with the skaters who have the "right of way". Skaters having the "right of way" must also remember to keep an alert eye open to avoid collisions and may respectfully remind others of "right of way" e.g. "excuse me", except when both skaters have equal "right of way".
  4. Pay attention to the position of other skaters at all times. Be especially alert for reverse jumpers.
  5. When standing near the boards, don't enter the flow of skaters without checking to make sure you're not going to cut someone off.
  6. Look in the direction of travel when skating backwards.
  7. Do not sit or lay on the ice. Get up as quickly as possible after falling.
  8. Avoid skating in the Lutz corners of the rink for prolonged periods as this impedes other skaters' ability to perform their elements and programs. Be especially aware of your surroundings when you are in these corners as the approach to a Lutz is long and blind. The skater doing the Lutz is not likely to see you.
  9. Avoid skating in the centre of the rink for prolonged periods as this impedes other skater's ability to perform their elements and programs.
  10. Refrain from standing around and socializing on the ice. This wastes expensive ice time, interferes with other skaters' training and presents an additional hazard for other skaters to avoid.
  11. Sitting or climbing on the boards in the arena is not permitted.
  12. Eating, chewing gum, or drinking (with the exception of drinking water) is not permitted on the ice.
  13. Pushing, shoving, throwing, snow, or damaging the ice surface by kicking or stomping is not allowed.
  14. Solo music will be played in the order of coach request followed by skater request
  15. Coaches may request solo music for a skater during a lesson only.
  16. Skaters may request solo music up to twice per session, unless played in lesson. This rule may be relaxed for sessions that are not busy.
  17. Abide by session designations. No dance skills or prolonged stroking exercises are allowed on Freeskate sessions except last 15 minutes of session.
  18. Abide by session criteria: skate only on sessions for which you qualify. Requests for exception may be made in writing to the Board.
  19. When the buzzer sounds and the Zamboni doors open the session is over. Stop skating, help patch holes if requested and clear the ice quickly.
  20. In the event your club coach leaves the Sunset Skating Club, skaters have the option to request a transfer to the new club to join their coach or switch to another club coach.

Detach and return this portion of the page

I have read, understand and agreed to support the Sunset Skating Club's Code of Conduct for Skaters. I understand that failure to abide by this code may result in consequences ranging from a warning, being sent off the ice for the remainder of a session, and possibly being suspended for the season without refund.

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Parent's Signature (if skater is under 18): ___________________________ Date: ___________________________

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